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How can I get a quote?

Rosa Stone provides several methods to obtain a quote.

1. Submit the form on our Free Written Quote page.
2. Submit the form on our Free Samples page.
3. Submit the form on our Free Home Visit page.
4. Call Rosa Stone direct on 02 9550 5529, 0425 300 050 and talk to one of our expert advisers.

Which methods of payment do you accept?

We accept most credit and debit cards except American Express. We also accept bank transfers and cheques. Cheques must be cleared before goods are dispatched.

How do I place an order?

Simply give us a phone call on 029550 5529, 0425 300 050 or complete the contact form on the Free Written Quote page. You can also place an order at the time of a Free Home Visit.

Should I order surplus material?

You would normally allow about 10% extra to cover wastage and cuts etc. We are happy to accept the return of surplus materials as long as they are in the same condition as we delivered them.

What if I cancel my order?

Rosa Stone will accept cancellations only if 48 hours notice in writing has been given before scheduled delivery date. You may incur any charges that may arise through packaging, delivery and the return of the goods to Rosa Stone's warehouse. Special orders, custom orders and orders of non standard items will not be subject to any cancellation and will result in the loss of any deposits or payments made.

What points to I need to consider when making a purchase?

Goods are not sold on a trial basis. You should understand that as Natural stone Tiles and Pavers are a product of nature and will vary in shade and colour. Batches will also vary in shade and colour. Rosa Stone does not warrant the suitability of goods for specific applications. Rosa Stone reserves the right to reject and or cancel orders due to pricing errors.

Will there be any additional hidden costs?

No, we will charge exactly the price we calculated in your order. Quotes are firm for 14 days only. Should an extension be required please contact us.

Where can I get hold of samples?

Call Rosa Stone direct on 02 9550 5529, 0425 300, 050 or complete the form on the Free Samples page and we will send by post upto 3 samples (maximum size 120mm x 120mm). You will need to cover the postage and packaging cost ( $10.95 for Sydney Metropolitan Area). We cover the costs for the samples and handling. This cost is refunded should you complete a purchase.

Can I see the tiles before buying them?

Yes, You can organise a Free Home Visit where our expert staff will show the entire range of our products. There is absolutely no obligation or hard selling. We will leave with you upto 3 samples maximum size 120mm x 120mm for free (if available). Alternatively you can see our Natural Stone Tiles at our Sydney warehouse by prior arrangement. All our Natural Stone Tiles and Natural Stone Pavers are generally in stock so you can see the exact materials you are buying. Please contact Rosa Stone by filling in the contact form on the Free Home Visit page to arrange a visit or phone Rosa Stone on 02 9550 5529, 0425 300 050.


What are your Business hours?

As we are an Internet Based business our phones are on 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our warehouse (6 kilometres from Sydney CBD) is open for inspection by appointment only.

Why is your pricing so competitive?

We stock all of our own materials so we can control the costs. We do not buy from local wholesalers. We negotiate good prices directly with quarries around the world we also source directly from our own quarries.

Are you materials ethically sourced?

Yes, we adhere to strict international welfare regulations.

Do you care about the environment?

Yes, please see our Going Green page. We care about the effects of our company on the environment and take a number of steps to reduce our impact.

Do you use ‘cut to size’ blanks and fabricate on site?

Yes, we have a team of experienced stonemasons who produce all of our bespoke work and worktops. All of our worktops are bespoke and require us to use first grade materials, state of the art machinery and skilled craftsmen.


How long till I get my order?

We will normally deliver in 2 working days or on the exact date that you specify after clearance of payment. If you would like next working day delivery we will endeavor do so, however we not can guarantee a next day delivery. There is no additional cost for next working day delivery.

Can I collect the tiles myself?

You may collect the tiles from our warehouse. an appointment is necessary. Please be aware natural stone tiles are heavy and may damage your car.

Can I specify an delivery date?

Yes, all you need to do is tell us the date and we will arrange our delivery to suit. Most deliveries are between 9am and 4pm and no timed deliveries are available. However, we will endeavor to meet your needs at all times.

Will the driver bring the tiles into my property?

Yes, our drivers will bring the tiles upto your property; it is then your responsibility to arrange for some labour to bring the tiles into your home. If the driver believes that gaining access to your property would cause damage to your property or surrounding properties, they are within their rights to leave the goods at the most convenient agreed location or a redelivery can be looked into discussed. Any aborted deliveries will be charged for.

Do I need to be at home for the delivery?

Yes, there must be someone at home at the time of delivery to sign for the tiles unless there is prior arrangement. You must inspect the goods and sign the delivery note as damaged if you see any broken tiles.

What do I do if I have broken tiles?

You must inform us immediately and sign the delivery note as 'damaged'. We then ask you to take some photographs of the damage and email them along with a brief description of the damage. We will then arrange to have the damaged tiles replaced.

What if I do not like the tiles?

If you are not happy with your tiles you may return them to us. We will charge for initial delivery (amount charged in invoice) and the return delivery cost to our warehouse. You will then be entitled to a refund once the goods are back at our warehouse.


My tiles are slightly different shade to the sample I ordered. Why?

There may be some variation between samples we send out and materials we have in stock, but you are always welcome to come to our warehouse and select the exact material. Limestone, Travertine and Marble tiles are always subject to slight variation from tile to tile and batch to batch This is normal as they are a product of nature.

The tiles that arrived appear much darker than the tiles I ordered.

9 times out of 10 this is because the tiles are wet, and only appear darker. Natural stone tiles are produced in a wet environment using a lot of water. You will need to dry your tiles out before tiling to make sure they are the same colour.

My tiles have got small chips on the edges, why is that?

Some natural stone tiles have little chips due to the packaging and movement during transit, this is normal and is accepted as the norm in the tile industry. Always inspect and shuffle your tiles prior to tiling to get the best results.

Should I do anything before tiling?

Yes, a thorough inspection is essential to check for scratches or markings and colour variations. Rosa Stone recommends the blending of tiles. The tiles should be set aside to dry prior to tiling to check for unsightly tiles and colour variation. If you have selected a large number of tiles you may want to mix them up to separate any batch variations. Once you have installed the tiles we can not accept any responsibility for damaged tiles or wrong tiles being fitted.

Do you install and fit vanity tops and bespoke pieces of stone?

Yes, we have a full installation service, but costs do vary. We generally work within a 30 kilometre radius of Sydney CBD.

Thank you, we trust this has given you a better understanding of what your purchase and delivery entails. Whilst the majority of transactions and deliveries are executed easily, given the varied circumstances of our individual customers, we feel the more information you receive beforehand, the better you are prepared to make your purchase enjoyable.

Should you have any further questions please contact Rosa Stone on 02 9550 5529, 0425 300 050.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your project requirements with one of our natural stone specialists.

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