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Does my tiler need special skills to lay a natural stone product?

No. A fully qualified tiler can lay a natural stone product. Although experience with natural stone can be an advantage.

Will Marble Stain?

Once a natural stone product has been sealed this will almost render it stain proof. Be aware though of products that contain acid – red wine, lemon juice, coffee – the acid is often strong enough to penetrate the sealer. ALWAYS remember to wipe up the spill immediately.

Does the sealer need to be re applied every 3 - 4 years?

Sealers today – if applied correctly according to manufacturer’s instructions - will last for 5 -7 years even longer if maintained properly. Different natural stones require different sealant applications and for a perfect result it is essential that they are applied correctly. If you have any questions on sealing your natural stone product please call or email us or check out Rosa Stone Sealer Page.

Can I use a travertine/natural stone around a swimming pool?

Yes! Natural stone in a tumbled, brushed, antique, sandblasted or honed finish is perfect for a swimming pool surround. Note the rougher the finish on the stone the better the grip.

I installed a polished limestone floor tile and I want to change the look. Is there anything I can do?

Yes there is. All stone surfaces can be re polished. So you could choose to repolish your stone or change the finish to a honed surface it can certainly be achieved.

What type of Marble tiles will you recommend for high traffic area? We want something that looks great but is not slippery. We are tiling the main living area, formal living room and dining room.

I would recommend using Travertine in all your high traffic areas. If you are concerned with the tile being slippery, I would recommend using a honed and filled Travertine or a Tumbled Travertine.

We installed Travertine tile in our bathroom shower. The edges of the tile are straight and unfinished. What is the best way to smooth the edges and get a more finished look?

There are several ways to get a finished look to the Travertine tile on the shower walls. The first option is the purchase a bull nose or pencil molding piece to attach to the edge of the tile. This will give the tile a rounded edge. The second option would be to take a piece of rough sandpaper and round the edge, once you have the edge rounded take a smoother piece of sand paper and sand the edge to a smooth finish. This will give you a rounded finished edge.

I am considering a Travertine unfilled stone for my games room floor. Can we use the same tile on outside deck? Is there a potential problem of cracking during cold weather if water gets into holes?

You can use the Tumbled Travertine Tile outside. If you are concerned about the tile cracking when water gets in the holes,

you can grout the holes. However for the Sydney area their is no need to fear about the tile cracking due to the weather.

Are Travertine pavers strong enough to be used as driveway pavers? If so, can they be layed over the top of an existing cracked driveway or should the existing driveway be pulled up?

The Travertine pavers are strong enough for the driveway but there are some things to consider. You can install the pavers over the existing concrete with a thin set or using sand. This will raise the driveway up about 5cm. If you decide to thin set the pavers over the existing concrete you can use a larger paver, like a 30cm by 30cm or a French Pattern. If you install them over the concrete with sand, I would only use a 30cm by 20cm paver or smaller paver. The other option would be to rip out the old concrete driveway and lay a 30cm by 30cm paver over crushed concrete bed. This would ensure that the driveway would not be raised up and cause any problems with meeting up with the sidewalk or garage.

I want to lay Travertine and want heated floors. Will they conduct the heat if I lay them over a electric floor heating system?

Yes they will conduct the heat if installed over a heated floor system.

I am considering using Travertine in a French Pattern in our bath room. Will the travertine work well on shower walls?

Excellent choice to use the French Pattern, it is a beautiful stone. The Travertine will work on the walls or the floor.

I'm considering Travertine tile in the living areas. Would you recommend using Travertine and what size tile would you use?

The larger travertine tiles 600mm x 600mm look great in large areas.

I'm going to use your Travertine for my kitchen backsplash. Can you tell me about sealing the tile?

Excellent choice of tile for your backsplash. I would recommend installing the tile prior to sealing it. Once you have the tile installed, you can seal the tile, wait 24 hours and then grout. This will help prevent the grout from sticking to the tile when you wipe it off. I would seal again when the grout drys. There are several ways to seal the tile. You can apply it with a roller, brush or spray it on.

Can travertine be used as counter tops in a kitchen?

I would not recommend using Travertine on a kitchen counter top since it is very porous. Even if you seal the tile there is still a chance of food and bacteria getting into the tile. If you insist on using it you should use something honed and filled and a very high quality with little filler. Use a high quality sealer.

I am considering Travertine flooring in the bath and kitchen. How often does it needs to be sealed?

I would recommend a Honed and Filled Travertine if you are concerned with the porosity of the tile. The Travertine should be change use an enhancer sealer. Yes you can seal the tile and grout at the same sealer.

We are considering Travertine pavers. What are the benefits over the traditional concrete paver?

Travertine pavers are an excellent choice for pools and patios. There are several benefits of using Travertine over concrete.

The Travertine pavers are a natural stone so there is variation in the color which provides a more natural beauty to the stone.

The Travertine pavers do not get hot in the sun so you can stand out there in the middle of summer without burning your feet.

The Travertine pavers are a lot denser than concrete so they only need to be 30cm thick for pools and patios.


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Please contact us if you would like to discuss your project requirements with one of our natural stone specialists.

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