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Cleaning, Protecting and Maintenance of Marble, Travertine and Limestone

Lithofin offers a wide range of premium quality special products for protecting, restoring and maintaining natural stone, engineered stone, terrazzo, porcelain, ceramic, quarry tiles and terracotta.

Lithofin’s ranges of (MN) products are specifically developed for protecting, restoring and maintaining marble, limestone and all other natural and engineered stones.

The name marble and limestone includes a wide variety of materials. Due to their origins, different types of marble and limestone’s differ greatly in their properties (durability, porosity, etc). Aside from their fascinating appearance, one thing all kinds of marble and limestone’s have in common is that they all require surface treatment.

The correct treatment not only can enhance the stone’s appearance, but also allows for easy cleaning using contemporary methods.

Initial Cleaning of Newly Installed Surfaces

Most stones become easier to maintain and less sensitive to staining when they protected with an impregnating sealer. Apply one thin layer of the chosen impregnating sealer to the tile face before and after grouting. This will facilitate cleaning of the grout residue before drying, as the water and grout residue will not penetrate the tile surface.

Impregnating the surface before grouting will facilitate removing any residues of grout and cement. The grouting material should be carefully removed from the surface with clear water during or immediately after grouting. Working in sections and cleaning grout residues from the surface is necessary with rough or honed surface and recommended with polished surfaces.

Grout residues on rough surfaces can be removed with Lithofin MN Builders-Clean. On honed surfaces the product must be diluted 1:15. Do not use Lithofin MN Builders-Clean on polished marble and limestone.

Lithofin MN Power-Clean used with a white nylon pad will assist in the removal of surface grout. This product must be left on for about 30-45 minutes with occasional scrubbing. Surface must be rinsed thoroughly with clear water to ensure no residues remain on the surface.

Refurbishing Old Surfaces

Use Lithofin MN Power-Clean common grease and dirt deposits, etc. Using a floor-cleaning machine will facilitate achieving a clean surface. In case of stubborn staining, you may require a specialised Lithofin product. In either case, carefully rinse with plenty of clear water to ensure no residues remain on the surface.

Non-Typical Types of Dirt

Oily and greasy dirt as well as care product residues can easily be removed with Lithofin MN Power-Clean. In extremely stubborn cases and on tar, wax, glazes, sealants etc use Lithofin WAX-OFF. Deeply ingrained oil stains are best removed with Lithofin OIL-EX

Protection (Impregnating)

Using impregnating sealers Lithofin MN Stain-Stop and Lithofin MN Stain-Stop >W< make the surface water and oil resistant without changing the surface appearance. These products are especially suitable for areas which are prone to staining such as kitchen, bathroom and dinning areas. In high water areas such as shower recesses.

Lithofin MN Stain-Stop is recommended. Lithofin MN Stain-Stop >W< is not recommended for all polished marble and limestone.

Lithofin SPLASH-STOP is an impregnating sealer that prevents water penetration for many years without altering the surface appearance. Lithofin SPLASH-STOP is mostly suitable for walls, large indoor and outdoor areas, driveways etc, which are free from oil and grease contact.

Lithofin Stain-Stop PLUS is a premium impregnating sealer that protects the surface from water, oil and grease stains. This product also enhances the stones natural colour structure giving it a darker appearance without forming surface layers.

Lithofin COLOUR-INTENSIFIER enhances the stone natural colour structure giving it a darker appearance without forming any surface layers. This product protects against water penetration and is mostly suitable for walls, large indoor and outdoor areas, driveways etc, which are free from oil and preparation areas.


Lithofin MN Stain-Stop, Lithofin Stain-Stop PLUS, Lithofin COLOUR-INTENSIFIER and Lithofin SPLASH-STOP contains solvents and once cured is perfectly safe in all food preparation areas.


Applying a protective treatment makes marble and limestone less sensitive and will facilitate regular maintenance. Surface treatments may only be applied to completely dry and stain free surfaces. Drying times vary according to the material.

Rule of thumb: Approx. 2-3 weeks in thin or middle bed, approx. 4-6 weeks when laid in thick mortar bed. These drying times may differ according to weather and site. Lithofin Stain-Stop PLUS and Lithofin COLOUR-INTENSIFIER may not be suited on very dense materials or all polished surfaces. Impregnating sealers offer very little resistance against acidic products and cleaners.

With correct maintenance Lithofin impregnating sealers will last for about 10 years indoor and about 5 to 7 years outdoors. Lithfoin maintenance products assist the lifetime of the sealers and the appearance of the stone surface where the incorrect cleaners can effect the sealer composition.

Topical Sealants

Sealers leave a gleaning protective layer on the surface, which may be renewed occasionally. Very absorbent materials should be impregnated with Lithofin MN Stain-Stop or Lithofin MN Stain-Stop >W< before any sealant is applied. The amount of product and the number of layers to be applied depends on the properties of the surface.

Lithofin MN Care-Sheen leaves a protective layer with a matt sheen, which intensifies the colour only slightly. Provides rough to fine surfaces with an elegant finish. Treatment will need to be renewed from time to time.

Lithofin MN Liquid-Wax is recommended for highly polished large surfaces. The colour and texture of the surface is improved and it can be polished to a high gloss.

Lithofin MN Sealant intensifies the colour of the material and leaves a bright sheen. Generally used on rough surfaces, not suitable polished or finely honed surfaces.

Lithofin MULTI-SEAL seals rough surfaces. The product forms a durable protective layer. The colour of the limestone will only slightly be intensified.

Important: Layer forming sealants are only suitable for indoor use and may alter the appearance and the slip resistance of the material.



All floor surfaces must be cleaned regularly with Lithofin MN Easy-Care to maintain the surface in one simple step. If you require a slight sheen on your impregnated surface occasionally add Lithofin MN Care-Sheen to the washing water.

For kitchen bench tops, vanities, window sills, glass, stainless steel and other small areas Lithofin MN Easy-Clean is a ready to use streak less cleaner. To enhance the shine and increase surface protection, occasionally use Lithofin MN Polish-Cream on all polished tops.


Regularly uses Lithofin MN Easy-Care. Green stains left by plants and the like can be removed with Lithofin MN Power-Clean or Lithofin ALGEX. For structured surface a brush or brushing machine is helpful.


Avoid using, resting or placing products on your marble or limestone surfaces that may contain methylated spirits, bleaches, chlorine, acid, citric acid and corrosives. These types of products can cause permanent damage to the stones composition. Limit the use of wax or acrylate-based products as they promote a build up of layers.

Incompatible products reduce the longevity of sealed surfaces and will affect the stones composition.

This information should be considered to be informal and non-binding. The products must be used according to local conditions and materials. Instructions must be read carefully and followed closely, Technical Information sheets available. When no previous experience is available, or in case of doubt, tests the product in an inconspicuous area.


Please contact us if you would like to discuss your project requirements with one of our natural stone specialists.

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